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Conversation Between Colleagues

Matching Startups with Independent Expertise  

We help Startups, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs get quick cost effective access to experts with real world experience that can provide advice when you need it.  We believe you don't need to hire expensive full time, or even part time Sales and Marketing resources that suck up your capital all too quickly, when all you really need, is to pick the brains of a trusted professional with 10 years plus experience in their designated field.

How it works


Contact us, share the business problem you're working on, and then we'll connect you with one of our Caddy's.

You then meet and collaborate for 30 mins at no cost to you.

The Caddy, listens and then comes back to you with initial recommendations based on the business problem you're looking to solve for.


What's in it for our Caddy's in that first 30 min Video Call ?


Our Caddy's love working with Startups, it's a break from the day to day Corporate Grind, and the opportunity to learn about another new venture with the satisfaction of providing 30 mins of free advice to another human, and it helps build out their consulting resume further.

What happens after the initial call?

  If you decide you'd like more expert advice from the Caddy, then we can agree an hourly / daily rate for ongoing support.

Our Expertise

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Sales Planning and Execution

Customer Success

Contact Details

 Martin Carr - 949 903 9649

email -


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